Who is Matthias

Born in Bonn, Germany, and grew up in what was then the capital city and I spent my early years with the children of German and foreign diplomats what made me curious about how life could look beyond the limits of little Bonn.

After finishing university and a first trainee programme, my life brought me first to Vienna, then to The Hague, New York, Frankfurt, Brussels, and eventually to where I live today, Geneva.

Wherever I lived over the years, I went to explore the city and its surroundings to discover culturally remarkable monuments, meet interesting people and experience their culinary traditions.

In others, I have spent unforgotten moments of happiness on repeated visits such as Ferrara in Emilia-Romagna.

With Savoir-Voyager, I would now like to share with those who are curious enough to leave the beaten path.

5 Good Reasons to Travel With Me


All Inspected and Checked – in Person

All places I have chosen because of the people that created them: perhaps built hundreds of years ago, often passed on for generations as traditions and ‘savoir faire’, or created recently with passion and love.

I have stayed at every guest house or hotel personally, have eaten at each restaurant and tested each of the experiences offered in the programme.

That way I can ensure your journey will provide the comforts and uniqueness you deserve.


Feeling Welcome

Nowadays, it’s somewhat an illusion to think a place or hotel or landscape haven’t been discovered before. In other words: it’s not how few other tourists are there, but how well one is received as a visitor.

It’s the warmth with which we are received and also their curiosity about who we are that will make our journey memorable.

Wherever I take you, I have looked for something special: a surprising detail, a touch of creativity, an interesting personality will be the highlights of your journey and the experiences you may remember.


My Experience & Language Skills

More than 30 years ago I moved from my hometown Bonn in Germany to Vienna in Austria. Since then, I spent years in The Hague (Netherlands), New York (N.Y.), Brussels (Belgium) and eventually here, Geneva (Switzerland).

During all these years I ventured out into close-by regions that perhaps were less visited than the cities themselves where I lived, but offered unique sights or culinary experiences.

Truly everywhere I found something special, different, or unexpected: white truffles, red wines, wild lobsters and eel, premium chicken or Pintxos …

… cathedrals and monasteries, forgotten towns, the daughter of the writer of my favourite book …

In the spirit of my grandmother Claire, I am now sharing these experiences with people like you, curious and open.

And I help to access the people of the regions where we travel: I speak fluent English, German, Italian, French and Dutch.


Direct Booking and Access

You book directly with me, with minimum overhead and maximum flexibility to adapt to your preferences and needs.

Also, I know all local partners personally and can request to adapt or change itineraries and focus of for example a guided tour.

Just send an E-Mail and we can discuss all details – I call you back if you prefer.


Programme Characteristics

  • Interesting destinations and experiences ‘off the beaten track’
  • You can reach my selected regions by train when in Europe
  • Well-paced programme, most often no change of hotel
  • All is inclusive (except personal choices such as superior wines, extra truffles etc.)
  • Always possible to opt out of programme elements and ‘do it on your own’
  • Experiences to learn about truffles, wines, cheeses, oysters, lobster, cheese making & refinement
  • Option to organise travel to / from destination
  • Knowledgeable on small things that matter a lot when needed: pharmacy, toilets, doctors, benches to rest …



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