A little like my grandmother, I truly enjoy taking care of people and making them have a good time.

But if you prefer to ‘go it alone’, I’m very happy to share my experience and arrange the best possible one for you.

To give you an idea, this is how I can help you organise your travel:


Booking of a Complete Trip

This would be for trips similar to the ones offered under ‘Next Journeys’ including hotels, transfers etc. 


Booking of Flights Only

  • Intra-European flights
  • Intercontinental flights
  • Cancelling or modifying flights
  • Booking Flights using miles or points


Booking of Trains Only

  • Domestic trains
  • International trains
  • Cancelling or modifying trains


Booking of Hotels Only

  • Booking hotels
  • Cancelling hotels
  • Change of bookings


Booking of Other Ground Transportation

  • Car rental, tours
  • Cancelling car rental or tours
  • Changes of bookings


Booking Other Services

For example, restaurants, private visits etc.