Having worked for the travel industry in various capacities, for many years, I know when to appreciate a special trip with all its facets. 

I have joined Matthias on 3 trips, with the first one being to Dijon, where I was introduced to the great cuisine of that rich region of France (Burgundy). 

The 2nd was to the Piemonte area in November during the height of the white truffles season. His introduction to the slow food movement was excellent and so was his choice of restaurants to support this great idea. 

Starting with the choice of the home base for the various days’ trips to the choice of restaurants with their different seasonal offer … I was more than amazed. 

On a third trip a year later, we went to San Sebastian in the Basque Country in Northern Spain. Another fantastically planned and executed vacation with trips to Biarritz and of course to Bilbao

Highlights were the small but excellently chosen restaurants which were a dream for any gourmand. 

Overall, I found his planning of the hotels and the towns where we had our bases for the day trips, let alone the restaurants which excelled in their region, was just amazing. 

Matthias puts a lot of research and energy when planning and embarking with his guests on a journey, which nowadays is a luxury any global trotter will highly appreciate. 

Having peace of mind and knowing that almost everything has been thought through is a luxury, which for Matthias is a way of spoiling his fellow travelers. I highly appreciate the good planning of Matthias and his transfer of knowledge in a professional but also anecdotal way. 

I look forward to our next trip in – hopefully – corona free times.

Alexander Arafa, Swiss International Airlines, Zurich, Switzerland


Years ago, I made several trips with Matthias – wonderful trips to mainly Mediterranean areas !

His perfect knowledge of languages, his witty charm, and also his reliability in situations that required help make these trips unforgettable to this day. I am looking forward to the possibility of a trip to Piedmont soon, which I really want to get to know.

I’m so much looking forward to laughing, eating, experiencing, and having the good feeling of being offered something really special.

Claudia Rieger, Gallery Owner, Munich, Germany


I have joined several trips organized by Matthias, here are my 5 good reasons to chose ‘Savoir-Voyager’ . . .

– peace of mind, as you can (but do not have to) leave it all to Matthias, from transportation options to hotel bookings, restaurant choices, sightseeing, etc.

– all aspects of a good trip are well researched, which presents the traveler with a multitude of choices, so you never feel to have missed any opportunity

– Matthias’ experience entails an incredible inside knowledge usually not obtainable to the ‘common traveler’, like the latest slow food restaurant in Piedmont, or the small, but reasonably priced hotel at the best location in San Sebastian

– a trip organized by Matthias combines pleasure with the educational aspects, you will have the best culinary experience, or best view along with the newest special exhibition at the museum (like the Guggenheim in Bilbao)

– yet, every trip is unique and individual as Matthias listens to the traveler’s preferences and wishes

I am already looking forward to the next trip!


Christoph von der Decken, Hamburg, Germany

I went with Matthias on one of his Piedmont Journeys and I just need to thank him so much for this very well-organized trip.

This trip covered everything from wine-tasting, to truffle hunt, authentic Italian food and guided walks through some of the most beautiful cities in the region – the right balance between entertainment and relaxation.

Matthias is highly professional,  friendly, trustworthy and very knowledgeable. And he also speaks fluent English, German, French, Italian and Dutch.

It was an amazing trip, and I am very grateful for his kind service and sincerely recommend him and his trips to others!

Andrea Nettekoven, Geneva, Switzerland

Over the past years, I have joined several trips to Piedmont and to Macon in Burgundy, organized by Matthias. All of these trips have been organized flawlessly and have been great experiences from all aspects.

Matthias has a very profound knowledge of all local aspects and this, combined with his charming eloquence, makes it a great experience to discover new venues and attractions. During our trips Matthias has always recommended great restaurants and hotels – not the usual spots one would find on Tripadvisor, but very particular and local places, each with its own history and charm.

The trips have always been a great way for me to relax while exploring new places, as Matthias has taken care of all arrangements, for example wine tastings at several local producers or local, high quality truffles at very competitive prices. He is highly professional and provides an excellent service, making the trips a fun and memorable experience, as he caters to the needs & wishes of his customers. 

Thanks to Matthias for the past trips and looking forward to further trips in the future. 

Adrian Weissmüller, Geneva, Switzerland